About me

My real name is Daniele, but I’m known online as “Otacon22“, a nickname derived from the videogame Metal Gear Solid.

I consider myself following some kind of hacking philosophy. My interests fly around engineering, networking, programming, system administration. I like programming in Python and C.

I’m a proud user GNU/Linux. I’ve been using it for several years.
I’ve used to be very interested in robotics, electronics, automation and I’ve built a lot of devices and experiments when I was a teenager. Lately I’ve became extremely interested in telecommunication systems, computer networks of any kind and network security.

I recently graduated from the Computer Engineering M.Sc. course at Politecnico di Milano in Italy.
I’m member of POuL – Politecnico Open unix Labs , a no-profit student organization who promote free software and open source by organizing talks, lectures and providing assistance.

This blog is meant to be a space for me to publish literally anything flowing in my mind, mainly about my study/hacking topics, but also about anything else like my trips in Japan.

Social media:

Linkedin profile
Github page

It’s also possible to find me (under the “Otacon22” nickname) on IRC networks like AzzurraNet (Italian), 2ch (Japanese) and Freenode (worldwide).


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